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Finding The Right Home


Buying a home to live in is a big decision and an emotional experience for most people.


Kevin Jones understands this very well, he and his family personally made this transition over 10 times, 9 of which were to different cities.  If you have children there is the schools and services for them, where you work, proximity to your social schedule and events, places your frequent or enjoy doing, etc. All come into play and that is just for the location.


Then there is the qualification through a lender if you are financing, the payment, interest rate, taxes, and insurance that come into the picture of affordability.


Once these are established then you have the style of home, one level or multiple levels, home, townhouse, condo, multiple units, guest house, and auxiliary dwelling unit are just a few things to think about.  The lot size is another consideration, too small, not enough room, or too large with too much upkeep and maintenance, whether it has a garage, attached or detached, extra parking in case you have visitors, or maybe enough room to accommodate your pet(s).


These are just a few things that we explore on our initial buyer’s appointment which is our first step in locating you an amazing home!

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