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Not only does Kevin Jones have over 30 years experience in real estate since 1992 and he was buying and selling long before that. In his 30+ years experience as a licensed real estate professional and property manager, the first decade he was a top producing agent with the Re/Max franchise. In 2001 he acquired his Brokers license and operated a mortgage company through 2009. In 2004 he opened Kevin Jones Real Estate and Loans as an independent broker which later became Realty Professionals and JONES Commercial.


As a broker, Kevin Jones has experienced virtually every situation and scenario in the transaction world so nothing phases him, his first and only focus is you the client, serving and protecting at the highest level.  Kevin Jones has a diverse background in Residential, Income and Commercial properties in Sales, leasing, property management, trust, probate and REO properties.


Being a business owner of 19 businesses from clothing stores (Male Image, Career Woman), pay telephones (Public Access), pager store (Page 4 Less), cell phone store (Cell 4 Less), Internet Development (Aardvark Internet Development, Boost Connect, Alpha 6), Marketing and promotion company (Ready to Play Big), Property Management (Property Management Solutions, Rent Our Roof), etc., has given Kevin Jones a very diverse business background.


Military service, Kevin Jones spent 6 years in the US Navy and is highly trained in Warfare, he had the opportunity to train in other areas as well including Military Police, Naval Investigation, Psychological Warfare, Electronic Warfare, Radar and Communications technician, interception and jamming operator to name a few.  Kevin Jones participated in Desert Shield, Desert Storm, is a Combat Veteran and an Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist.


In real estate Kevin Jones has also been heavily involved with multiple Association of Realtors in boards, committees and leadership from Professional Standards, Grievance, MLS, to a director at the Burbank and Pismo Coast Association of Realtors.  Kevin Jones most recent Leadership experience includes Board of Directors, State Director 2015, President Elect 2016, President of the Pismo Coast Association of Realtors in 2017.


Training and coaching, Kevin Jones believes that agents and brokers should train and learn daily as the real estate market is constantly changing and evolving daily and that is why he belongs to several mastermind groups of agents all over the US and globally in some groups. He also has a real estate and business coach that provide the knowledge, insight, training and insight that is needed to be on the cutting edge.


How can these things help me as a real estate client? Knowing that Kevin Jones has a diverse background, trains daily and is always on the cutting edge of technology will give you a good feeling that you are in good hands.

For more information, call Kevin Jones today 805.473.0300

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