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Home Ownership


Home ownership is a vital function of the American Dream!


What is amazing is the statistics involved with Home Ownership: The average renter in America today has a net worth of $6,000 and the average homeowner has a net worth of over $249,000 provided to NAR 2020 statistics.


There are many reasons for this, one is the equity position in the home that they own from paying down the mortgage and the market increasing. Another critical point is once your mortgage is established you are on a fixed payment that will run through the end of the loan, typically 15 to 30 years, and then you are done! Where as a renter the monthly rent is subject to continually increasing, which it usually does and that is robbing you of the wealth you need as you age and will determine the quality of your life in your golden years.


One of the greatest things about owning your own home is that you have the stability of knowing that you won’t be forced to move because the landlord wants you out for some reason. Also knowing that you are fixed into your monthly payments and at some point, the property will be paid off. As a renter, your monthly rent can go up every year by as much as 10%!


You have the ability and right to do whatever it is to the property, like painting, landscaping, remodeling, adding on, and creating the atmosphere and environment that you want, how you want it without asking for permission, well except permits from the city if they are needed.


Building equity and getting the property paid for will enable you to live in a great home, it the area you choose to be in, and be very affordable for retirement. If needed over the years you have obtained an equity position in the house if you need assisted living, this home could be your tool to help finance that type of expense.


As a homeowner we would like to do an “Equity Review” for you in which we will go over the current real estate market, your home’s potential market value, and a projection of where we believe the market is headed. During this Equity Review appointment we encourage questions like updates and upgrades you can do to increase the value of your home, repair suggestions, contractor referrals, and mortgage questions all at no commitment, it is a service we provide.

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