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Selling Your Home


The number one question we get is “When is the best time to sell”. Our response is when “You” are ready. That goes for buying as well, real estate has always been meant as a long term investment and there are times that you can buy and sell with a substantial profit in a few short years but that is not always the norm. If you are ready, lets talk call Kevin Jones today 805.473.0300


What our focus is to coach, lead and guide you through the process of understanding what it takes to get from point A to B and how we can maximize your position in the market. Some houses require a little touch up to get you the most from the sale of your home. We are the right choice in advising you as we have done many flips, remodels and work with Attorneys and Fiduciaries getting homes ready for sale with the least amount of cost, maximum return in the shortest amount of time. We are here ready to serve you, call Kevin Jones today 805.473.0300


Kevin Jones has a proven techniques that market your property and provide maximum exposure to the most amount of buyers possible to get you the most offers so that you can choose the best possible price and terms that work best for you and your situation. Throughout the process we look forward to giving you our everything including all the business hacks along the way that will help you have a much easier transaction and transition. Want the insider scoop, call Kevin Jones today 805.473.0300


Contracts and Negotiation is something that should also be considered when choosing an agent. Kevin Jones prides himself in education and experience in these areas. While in the car business Kevin mastered the art of knowing his product, understanding contracts and being fluent in negotiation techniques. Kevin learned that these are invaluable tools in the sales area, first and foremost we are salespeople because that is what is going to determine your net bottom line. Agents can claim to be an advisor, consultant, etc. But lets face it, you want the best possible deal and the only way to get there is to be a savy salesperson and this is just one of many reason to hire Kevin Jones, call today 805.473.0300.


We have a very systematic system, “The 7 Day Build Up System”, that we have devised over the past 30 years and these include amazing professional photography, 3D floor plan / virtual tour of your property, direct mail campaign to reach all the renters and other homeowners that may be looking to move up or down in size or to a nicer neighborhood all down with specialized information technology, our coming soon campaign that buyers absolutely love, signs with links via QR codes to all of your properties information, we have a specific day that we launch your listing for the busiest day of the week with enough time to populate for weekend searches and lastly we do a direct targeting marketing campaign that will match your target buyer. For more information, Call Kevin Jones today 805.473.0300

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