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Meet Kevin Jones


Kevin Jones has had a very unique background in which he calls Homeless to Hummer where life experience has had the most impact on who Kevin Jones is today.


Leaving home at 15, and being homeless by 16 has created compassion and empathy, serving six years in the US Navy taught him discipline and tactics, owning several businesses has allowed him to grow and understand the nuances of how business actually works, being in real estate for 30 years he has learned the ins and outs, understanding the cycles, what to do, when to do it and creatively creating the best circumstances for his clients.


Kevin has done some pretty amazing things like serving in the military during wartime and serving at NCIS Long Beach as an investigator, to being general manager at the largest volume dealership in a nationwide automobile sales company to owning 19 businesses from clothing stores, postal centers, pay telephones to cellular and pager stores.


Kevin’s experience and training in both the military and civilian world have given him a tactical advantage and ability that few others have had the opportunity to experience and learn from. These life experiences allow him to connect with people at a different levels, understand and give him the ability to work through the daily opportunities that come up and negotiate through any situation and create a win for his clients, mainly because he is not attached to the outcome.
If you know Kevin you will hear him say frequently, no emotion, no ego, there is no place for it in business.

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