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VOLUNTEER WORK Kevin Jones spends a great deal of his time, energy, and resources giving back to the amazing community that helps him put food on the table for his family and the incredible community that he lives in.
ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS Kevin served several years on almost every committee at the Burbank Association of Realtors including many years on the Board of Directors. Here at the Pismo Coast Association of Realtors Kevin is on the Board of Directors, served as State Director in 2015 and again in 2022, President-Elect in 2016, President in 2017 and is in line to serve as President-Elect and President again in 2023-2024. He is also on or has been on the Grievance Committee, Professional Standards, the Board of Directors for the Association Foundation, etc. Kevin has also served and currently serving as a Director and voting member of the California Association of Realtors.
WHY LEADERSHIP IS IMPORTANT Many agents go through the process of helping clients buy and sell, knowing the dynamics of what is involved at a local, state and national level in our industry changes the influence of the agent can give you in the direction of how you buy, sell or look at your next purchase or sale.
SAN LUIS OBISPO SHERIFF SEARCH AND RESCUE TEAM In our local area Kevin has been serving on the San Luis Obispo Sheriff Search and Rescue team for almost a decade. A group of approximately 50 highly trained volunteers that is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to go out, rain or shine, day or night in any condition to help locate and rescue or recover a lost or missing person. Kevin has worked his way through probationary status to full member and on to Assistant Team Leader to Team Leader of the 4×4 team, to the Board of Directors where he has served as Personnel Director, Logistics Director, and Training Director. All Search and Rescue members are EMR Medical qualified and certified through the National Association of Search and Rescue and have to pass a rigorous training process that includes the technology of GPS, manual land navigation (map and compass), night navigation, etc. This selfless group of individuals makes up this great team that serves San Luis Obispo County and beyond in a time of need, whether a loved one is lost, an Alzheimer’s patient walked away, an Autistic child separated from their family, a lost or injured hiker to medical response teams for local events, evidence searches or medical assistance at the Oceano Dunes SVRA. For more information please visit
SOUTH COUNTY TURKEY TROT – SLO FOOD BANK Kevin has been involved in fund raising for the local San Luis Obispo Food Bank in various forms, most know Kevin and his truck, the Rusty Hummer from the Annual Turkey Trot in South County at Pismo Beach where his truck is the only vehicle permitted to drive north of Grand Ave all the way to the top by Kon Tiki inn to do the set-up of the turnaround points for the half mile, 5k and 10k runs each year on Thanksgiving morning you will find Kevin and his wife out on the Beach before the sun comes up doing the setup and the last three years we have raised approximately $18,000 each year for the local Food Bank.
LOCAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Kevin Jones has been an active member of the local Chamber of Commerce and was the Chair of the Home and Business Beautification Committee where a local home and a local business are awarded Home or Business of the month. A sign placed in front of their home or business and recognition in various media outlets for a job well done of updated landscaping making our area even better and more beautiful! The committee would comb the areas, locate new possibilities, vote on a winner and do a formal presentation and present the homeowner with a certificate of Home or Business of the month
5 CITIES HOMELESS COALITION Kevin Jones has taken part in the Homeless Census for the 5 Cities Homeless Coalition where a small group of volunteers go out very early in the morning to get a count of homeless and persons living in their car or motorhomes. This is vital for the funding of local programs to help the homeless in the area. Kevin also represented the 5Cities Homeless Coalition and the City of Grover Beach in the latest acquisition of a property for a new Homeless support project that will be implemented here in the very near future.
5 CITIES MEN’S CLUB Kevin Jones is a member of the 5 Cities Men’s Club, a non-profit club that serves the Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, Shell Beach, Arroyo Grande, and Oceano areas. They donate, raise money, and give their time to necessary projects that directly impact our local cities and residents, some of which include: Camp Arroyo Grande, David Fear Memorial, Path and bleachers around Pickleball court, Elm Street Dog Park, Arroyo Grande Soto Field Pickleball Courts, March of Dimes Hot Dog Roast, Halcyon Peoples’ Temple Clean Up, The Arroyo Grande / Paulding Stone Wall, Mentone Park Grover Beach, Ramona Park Gazebo Project, Arroyo Grande Easter Egg Hunt, The Exploration Station, Special Olympics, Grover Beach Skate Park – Restroom Project, Boy Scouts, Boys & Girls Club, Dare, Arroyo Grande Police Dept., and Footprinters among just a few of the projects and donations from our club.
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