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Communication is the number one complaint is the real estate industry and we here at Realty Professionals pride ourselves on our communication. Whether you are working with Kevin Jones or one of our agents, Kevin Jones has a 100% open-door policy to speak with him as the Broker Owner of the company.


We pride ourselves on the communication with our clients when you sign the listing or purchase agreement, we schedule a weekly accountability and update call that keeps you in the know.  If you require more interaction than that, we will certainly and gladly accommodate your wishes.


We understand that virtually everything can be solved in business quickly and easily with the right and proper communication, so we always want to have that as our top priority so that you know and understand what is going on, we know what your expectation of us is and we let you know what our expectation of what you need to get accomplished so that we can get you to a successful close of escrow for the best possible price and terms, in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of inconvenience to you.


Our focus is on you and communicating with you on a consistent basis so that we are always putting your needs first and making for the best situation possible. We understand that life happens, it just doesn’t have to go completely sideways with the proper amount of communication and deploying the right resources we can make any situation a great opportunity with communication.

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