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Our Story


Kevin Jones has had good and bad experiences personally in real estate, he and his wife purchased their first California property immediately after returning from the military in 1991, a duplex in Los Angeles. The transaction was rushed, the agent was pushing, get it done in a hurry. Long story short, the property was a flip from this agent, he represented both sides and a few years later this hillside property began to settle. Kevin hired a contractor and they uncovered areas that had recently been covered up from a fire underneath the house and the beams and supports were weakening due to the damage.


Kevin remembers this and focuses on making a good experience for you by providing information to make a knowledgeable decision and a smart investment for his buyers.  On the seller side we focus on coaching the sellers do the right thing in one protecting themselves in disclosing material facts and allowing a fair and proper transfer between two parties.


One thing that Kevin has learned over the past 30 years of being in this industry is if you as an agent can keep control of the situation and transaction, keep the stress to a minimum and infuse some fun into the deal, people will want to do it more often and that is his goal for you. There is no better financial vehicle to wealth than real estate and Kevin wants to be your personal guide through the wonderful world or real estate!

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