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It was always a dream growing up to own property and rentals, when we returned from serving six years in the United States Navy our first purchase was a duplex in the Los Angeles area in 1991. We purchased that property for $130,000 and today, twenty years later it is worth in excess of a million dollars. That is almost 10-fold, there aren’t many, if any investments that can either serve as shelter, have someone else paying your monthly premium for your investment and appreciate at the rate that real estate does.


Another example is we purchased the property four years ago (2018) in Arroyo Grande, Ca, and that investment has gone up over 63% in value in just 4 years (2022), there is nothing I am aware of that can provide that type of appreciative return.


We can help coach, lead and guide you through this amazing adventure of investing in residential, residential income, commercial, industrial, and even land acquisition that can and will better secure your future.


The IRS has a tax code that allows you to do a tax-deferred exchange when you sell your investment property and purchase a like-kind property through IRS code 1031.  Kevin Jones has been doing these types of transactions since 1992 and has a full team that will support you and your investment during this transition.  Interestingly enough, Kevin Jones has been using the same company and representative since the mid-1990s with these 1031 transactions.

For more information call Kevin Jones today at 805.473.0300

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