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What we do

Kevin Jones is a business owner and a student of life that enjoys the opportunity to share with others what has allowed him to go from homeless to having whatever it is he wants in life.  These experiences shared with the right people will hopefully make this world a better place one person at a time.  We can do talks to a very limited group and in a very focused topic or to very large groups that can as open as you want them to be.

There are core areas that we focus on, much of which is centered around mindset, thinking properly, thinking clearly, learning the process how to think through things quickly and easily, how to be kind to yourself in the darkest of times, learning the art of controlling what we call the drunk monkey.

The drunk monkey is all those crazy thoughts that we all have, some more than others and how to take back control of your brain through the proven process of what we call the 90-10 process.  The 90-10 process in its most simple form is learning that all the physical problems in this world are only 10% of the life we encounter and that 90% of our life in actuality is lived in our mind.  Once we harness the 90% and understand and learn to control this our life completely changes.

Why we do it

Everyone has their own path that they have traveled, we all have our own situations and opportunities that we are and have dealt with.  Kevin Jones left home at 15, was homeless by 16, married by 18, served six years in US Navy, published 4 books and is a successful local real estate broker here on the central coast of California

Through the years there have been some amazing people that have given advice, coached on topics that got past obstacles that appeared very large at the time and people that were there for Kevin Jones we he needed it the most and is a point in his life now to give back in as many ways as he possibly can.

About us

Kevin Jones was born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley area of Southern California, spent until the 10th grade living in the same house but not in an environment that would have seemed to be normal.  His Mom was bi-polar, parents divorced at an early age and was left alone a lot meaning he seemed to always find some way to get into trouble.

Everything happens for a reason, after leaving home he soon found out that life was different than he had previously known it, it was hard in ways he had never experienced before.  The great thing is having an open mind Kevin Jones met this girl and she was different, they were instantly connected and were inseparable.  Now after 39 years of marriage they are still on the honeymoon they never took!

Kevin Jones enjoys the process of struggle, most of his life has been a struggle, but just like the butterfly coming out of the cocoon, if it doesn’t go through that struggle, it won’t be able to fly.  The struggle in life is real but his doesn’t have to be as painful as many make it out to be.  Struggle and change is good with the right mindset and opportunity hardly ever appears as we think it should be.  Many times our greatest opportunities have come from a struggle.

Learning the tools to continue to stay in the right mindset is key to having a better day, a better life and being able to share this gift that Kevin Jones has learned and developed is his happy place.

How Kevin Jones is different and makes a difference

The life that Kevin Jones has lead is not that one of the average kid, graduating high school going to college and having a somewhat normal life.  He has always lived with a purpose, looks for the opportunity and is not afraid to take an idea and run with it.  Kevin Jones did not graduate high school, has lived on his own since 15, grown up in rough neighborhoods, served in the military as a combat veteran, owned 19 different businesses and spends about 50% of his time volunteering today.

So why is this important and how can Kevin Jones make a difference?  He has experienced a wide range of good and bad in his life, he has learned through training, helping others and real world experience how to deal with what is in front of you, typically a problem and turn that into an opportunity.

His approach is simple and has developed what he calls Nowisms, these are small short information pieces or commands to make quick and positive change.  One technique is how to change your life through mindset in 15 seconds, another is a simplistic way to deal with the two deadliest emotions: depression and anxiety.  In short depression is caused from spending too much mental time in the past and anxiety is spending too much mental time in the future.  This is easily combatted by going through a process of permission and focusing on the present.

Its hard to go over everything in a short page.  Two of Kevin Jones’ books are being re-written currently with workbooks in them that will be speaker presentations also.  Mindset NOW and controlling your mind, body and future through Affirmations.

Scheduling Kevin Jones as a guest speaker

We make it very simple and painless, call Kevin Jones direct, schedule a time and we will make it happen in the hopes to help another human being get just a little bit better today than they were yesterday.  A philosophy of getting better at least 1% better each day, at the end of the year we are 365% better!

Looking forward to working with you and making a difference.

How to contact us

Kevin Jones
805-473-0300 Office
818-612-1603  Voice or Text

Life and Career Management
Ready to Play BIG, Inc.

Mailing Address:
791 Price Street #191
Pismo Beach Ca 93449

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